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About Your Coach

Perry Ashley, PT, ACC, CPQC, SCCC, is a Leadership, Mindset & Life Coach for healthcare professionals and is the founder of Perry Ashley, LLC and SABOA Leadership, which stands for Self-Awareness Before Other-Awareness. Developing a deeper understanding of yourself is the first step in leading yourself and others well.
Perry’s passion is to help healthcare professionals to become the best version of themselves through embracing how they are uniquely wired and improving mental fitness, so they can rediscover their passion, purpose, and peace in their career and personal life. This, in turn, will have maximum impact as it has a ripple effect, thus promoting the wellness of rehab patients, families, and professions as a whole.
Healthcare is changing, and so many talented professionals are burned out and overwhelmed by the demands and changes. Some may need to rediscover their passion & joy in their current setting, while others may need to shift to another setting or a non-clinical position, while still others may find their joy & peace outside a healthcare career. Perry believes each person has the answer within themselves. She simply helps you draw out that answer.
But to be able to discern the next best step, a clinician or leader needs to take time to pause, dig deep into self-awareness (strengths, talents, values, work/life balance, personality, etc.) as well as boost your mental fitness skills. After all, your PQ (Positive Intelligence Quotient) is the best determining factor of achievement AND happiness. Once this process is complete, you will be more confident in what your next best step is. 
She sees that no matter what circumstance we find ourselves, self-awareness, mental fitness, and a strengths-based life are the keys to reviving our dreams. Once we are more self-aware and understand how to fill our own cup, our patients and our profession as a whole will benefit from that energy. 
Having gone through several major life changes, Perry understands how a healthcare professional can feel lost (whether in identity, purpose, or direction), but also understands how to get through their circumstances and to live an intentional and impactful life again.
Ultimately, Perry’s heart is to serve fellow professionals by giving them the tools and resources to find the best next step for their career and personal life. 
Perry earned her physical therapy degree from UNC-Chapel Hill and has been a licensed PT for over 28 years. Since graduation, she has worked in various areas of the field, owned her own PT business, received her ECHM & CAPS designations, and has become an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) awarded by the International Coaching Federation, Certified Positive Intelligence (PQ) Coach, Strengths Champion Certified Coach, and Certified Life Breakthrough Coach. She is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership with a Certificate in Learning and Development. Although a Tarheel at heart, Perry currently resides in Wisconsin with her husband and children and continues homeschooling her youngest. She not only enjoys reading and discovering new truths, she likes serving in her church and other mission work and seeks respite in the outdoors by camping, boating, backpacking, and participating in wilderness adventures. 

Why Perry Ashley Coaching Is Different

There are a lot of coaches out there that call themselves a coach yet have no formal training.

When you hire me, you can expect a professional experience. I have earned several coaching certifications and have completed approved training from the International Coaching Federation, the “gold-standard” of coaching.

Super Efficient

Deeply Commited

Highly Skilled


Lisa Dvoracek


“Amazing experience! I’m so thankful that Perry coached me!

I’m in a stage of life that was quickly becoming frustrated and uncomfortable. I was finding opportunities to keep me busy, but unknowingly putting my most important values at the bottom of the list.

Perry helped me realize my values, strengths and gifts and now I am embracing the opportunities and responsibilities of my day.

My stress level and personal guilt has decreased tremendously, thanks to her coaching. Perry kept me on task with weekly coaching appointments and challenges that carried through the week ahead. 

I know I am on the right path, for this season, of my life and I have the tools to confidently embrace the next seasons too!”



“I would say that [Perry is] a very patient, calm, and caring person who truly wants to help. [She was]  able to ask some direct and pointed questions that got to the heart of the matter. [She] also had great exercises to help me along my journey.

It helped me by being able to recognize my values, strengths, and spiritual gifts. The coaching helped me to organize my thoughts and start to develop a plan for my future that would live in alignment with those values, strengths, and gifts. 

The platform that was used for worksheets, pre and post sessions questions was really slick.”



“[Perry is] very accessible and I love that [she] has experience as a therapist. Other professionals would have had a much larger learning curve for understanding the challenges of my job.

It really helped me to clarify my strengths and to be more aware of how my strengths and limitations show up for me in my life.”