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Coaching Leaders for Maximum Impact

Coaching current & aspiring healthcare leaders to lead themselves and others well!

Leadership, Mental Fitness, &
Strengths-Based Coaching & Training

"Strengthen your mind, and your life will follow."

-Perry Ashley, PT, CPQC, CLBC

Can you relate?

✓ You want to be an intentional and impactful leader, but you’re so busy, you often neglect what’s most important.

✓ You want to create a positive culture and equip your team to thrive, but…When? How? 

✓ You may be feeling lost, overwhelmed, or just stuck.

✓ You feel squeezed in the middle by corporate on one side and your team on the other.

✓ Compassion fatigue, moral injury, and burnout are heavy. You see it in your staff and perhaps yourself.

✓ Your work/life balance, overall life satisfaction, or even health may be suffering. 

✓ You want tools and strategies to be a healthier leader. 

✓ You want to break free from the status quo and take your personal and professional life to the next level. 

If you can relate, you are in the right place!

I’ve been a licensed physical therapist for over 28 years and have worked in various settings. Healthcare has changed tremendously, and often leaders and clinicians lack support to thrive. 

That’s where I come in. Partnering with my clients, together we objectively see where they are, create a vision of where they want to go, identify barriers, and develop a strategy to get there. 

During this exploration, we may consider strengths, values, beliefs, thoughts, mindset,  leadership styles, generational differences, needs, boundaries, balance, empathy, vulnerability, and trust. 

But more importantly, we explore how to shift perspectives, so they can reframe how they see themselves, others, or situations and seek the gifts and opportunities in challenges and adversity.

I’m committed to providing you with powerful tools and coaching to support you to show up and be the leader you know you can be! 

How do I do this? I provide leadership, mental fitness/resiliency, and strengths-based coaching and training through private tailored sessions or group programs: a 7-week mental fitness coaching and training using Positive Intelligence’s Mental Fitness program, my signature RECALIBRATE program, and my new SABOA™️ Leadership Mastermind group.

Join me in gaining perspective and learning to enjoy the journey as you create the intentional, impactful, and fulfilling life you deserve!

Are you ready? Let's chat.

“If you want to go fast, go alone,

if you want to go far, go together.”

~African proverb

Leaders, we start with YOU!

First, heighten your self-awareness and

develop the foundational skills to lead yourself well,

and then…

capitalize on this new awareness to see others in a different light

to be more strategic in leading them well!

Lead Yourself Well!

✓Rediscover & live in your strengths, values, & boundaries
✓Support your values & healthy boundaries
✓Keep priorities your priority
✓Conquer imposter syndrome
Overcome stress and burnout
✓Reignite passion
Get unstuck and move forward
Defeat sabotaging thoughts
✓Live with curiosity
✓Seek the gift and opportunity in challenges
✓Build resilience
✓Develop the skill of perspective
✓Practice mindfulness to flourish
Intentionally create the life you love

Lead Others Well!

✓Use heightened self-awareness to thrive as a leader
✓Work in alignment with your strengths, values, and gifts
✓Develop better listening & empathy skills
✓Help your team thrive with mental fitness
✓Lead with vulnerability and authenticity
✓Promote a healthy work culture
✓Capitalize on the strengths of your team
✓Create psychological safety
✓Magnify generational strengths
✓Accept negative feedback & failure as training tools
Build trust
✓Lead bravely, boldly, & courageously
✓Master conflict management
✓Develop a coach approach to leadership

New for 2023!

SABOA™️ Leadership Mastermind

Join the next SABOA™️ Leadership Mastermind Cohort

1:1 Coaching Program

Group Coaching Programs

“I love that Perry has experience as a therapist. 

Other professionals would have had a much larger learning curve for understanding the challenges of my job.” 

Why rehab leaders and professionals hire me...

“I’m at the point of feeling “stuck. [I’m] seeking help on where to go from here.”

“I feel like I need to be more proactive about my career. I hope to gain some insights.”

“I feel like everything is happening around me instead of me being involved.”

“I would like to work on my assertiveness when addressing problems and for responding with emotional control, especially with intimidating or overly assertive people.”

“I want a better understanding of my makeup and how to apply (or how I have been applying) my talents and skills in a fulfilling way for both myself and clients.”

Do the inner work that produces outer results.

What clients are saying...

Why work with me?

My goal is very simple…it is to help YOU lead yourself and others to create a maximum impact… a ripple effect!

I’ve been a licensed physical therapist for over 28 years and have worked in a variety of settings, including owning my own business.

Now, as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Certified Positive Intelligence (PQ) Coach, Strengths Champion Certified Coach, and a Certified Life Breakthrough Coach, I will challenge you to dig deep and take the steps necessary to go from where you are to where you want to be.

Not only can I help you pinpoint your strengths, gifts, values, priorities, etc., but I will also help you strengthen your mind, so you can overcome mindset challenges, embrace your uniqueness, and intentionally live in alignment.

I provide a safe nonjudgmental space for you to wrestle with personal and professional obstacles, challenge you to find a better work/life balance, and help you discover a life of success and happiness, living with passion, purpose, and peace. 

You will be amazed at the answers, confidence, clarity, and direction that you find within yourself. 

I’m authorized and trained to guide my clients through the PQ Mental Fitness Bootcamp alongside founder Shirzad Chamine, author of Positive Intelligence.

This powerful program will help you win the battle of your mind so that frustration, self-doubt, anxiety, disappointment, and stress will no longer hold you back from achieving the life you want. You will learn to live from a place of empathy, curiosity, laser-focus, and peace.

Becoming mentally fit will positively impact your Performance, Achievement, Success, Happiness, Wellness, Peace of Mind, and Relationships at work and home.

Months after completing the program, participants continue to tell me of the positive impact this program has had on their personal and professional lives. 

Are you ready to move forward?

Partnering with a coach may be just what you need to create the life you want

"For as he thinks in his heart, so is he." ~Proverbs 23:7